Funk Buddy & Rozzzqween nourish us with their single 'Savoured in Love' - An appreciation of Soul. 

Cross Genre artists FunkBuddy and Rozzzqween collaborate to bring us their single release - "Savoured in Love." It is the perfect track to nourish your soul while thinking of what you are grateful for throughout daily life. The composition is exceptionally groovy and therapeutic, and the lyrics are deep and sermonic, delivered by Brummy songstress Rozzzqween - now a London local - Rozzqueen has been conquering London's live music scene with her iconic delicately toned voice, incredible writing skills, and adaptability across musical genres. Funk Buddy enjoys a bohemian, minimalistic lifestyle that transcends his experimental approach to making music - with his South Asian background, he uses traditional Eastern music blended with Western musical styles of Reggae, RnB, Folk, and Funk.

"Savoured in Love" is out now! Available on all streaming platforms.