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"Breaking Through" is a heartfelt and uplifting anthem that intricately weaves together the journey of overcoming life's struggles with an exploration of a profound connection with one's higher self. The powerful combination of uplifting melodies and poignant lyrics serves as a musical testament to resilience and personal growth. The song's mood is characterized by a sense of triumph, and it features a captivating ensemble of keys, synths, and drums that contribute to its transformative and empowering atmosphere.
[110 BPM]

Written & Performed by Danielle Potiker
Produced by Patrick Ryan Heaney
© One Shoe Records Ltd
Ⓟ OSR Publishing
All rights reserved


Coming alive again
Traveling through time again
I was lost for so long
and I found something new

I am breaking through
Fractals inside my eyes
I am breaking through
I am breaking through
Everything synchronized

The tides again
Basking in light again
I was afraid for so long
And I found something new


Lay my head back close my eyes I am floating
Through different dimensions the colors exploding
And i found something new
That I could hold on to
And I found something new