1. Flickers

From the recordings Flickers and Flickers

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Poduced by Sam Soper
Written by Robert Paul and Sam Soper
Performed by The Wednesday Play
Chuchi Malapersona - Sax
Sam Soper - Bass Guitar, BVox
© One Shoe Records Ltd
Ⓟ OSR Publishing, The Wednesday Play


Plug me in, I’m a DVD player
Fast forward to the action like a soothsayer
Skip the formalities and skip the trailers
Waiting for the weekend to come again

The screen flickers
I feel alive and then
I get the jitters
And fade to black again

Call to action it’s the final days of Nero
Well if it’s true then we don’t need another hero
Forget the past, it’s another day to broadcast
Don’t turn it off of your DAB radio


Sick and tired of sticking to the regimen
Sticking flyers in the local launderette again
What’s the time? Is it AM? Is it PM?
The screen flickers and then it fades to black again