New Cross, London - The Wednesday Play gift us with their first single 'Flickers' (lifted from their self-titled up and coming album release) -  a tight, guitar-driven post-punk track featuring a wild saxophone solo and outro. Musical comparisons include The Fall, The Buzzcocks and Blur. Lyrically the song references out of date technology (such as DVD players etc) as metaphors for feelings of disorientation and disconnection. Artwork and animation by Kristian Hammerstad

San Diego, CA - Devorah Not the Same is an easy-to-like and deeply moving song that even the fiercest of critics acknowledge as being in a class of its own when it comes to Pop/EDM. Devorah’s sound is authentic - reminiscent of 90s R&B - her vocal performance is powerful and extraordinarily captivating. She is a talented songwriter who knows how to document an idea. What people say about Not the Same resonates with much of her material. Make sure you add this one as a favorite to your music library!  

Hackney, London - Jago Divance video Madam Mrs tackles modern capitalism, and its effect on the musical industry as a whole. When asked about the process of making and conceptualizing his song, Divance stated "Music has always been corporate to some extent, there's no denying that and you can't really criticize its presence. But you can criticize the extent to which it has affected artists, especially younguns trying to make a name for themselves and put food on the table."