Mithril OReDER and Hall of Fame Rap Legend - Rappin '4Tay drop what might be the most soulful, inspiring hip-hop track of 2023! 

A band of extraordinary lyricists has joined forces to shed light on a new approach to financial and musical power. The Mithril OReDER supports Mithril Ore (MORE) cryptocurrency. Mithril Ore has many utilities, one of which is that all royalties from Mithril OReDER music are converted to Ethereum and put into the reservoir of Ethereum that backs the Mithril Ore token - in short - streaming their music generates cryptocurrency for the MORE token. "Our aim is to bring a better way to connect fans and artists by creating this positive-feedback ecosystem - uniting the two without interference." Does this project have the potential to disrupt the current music hierarchy and disrupt financial power as it exists? You can decide while listening to platinum artist and Hall of Fame Rap Legend - Rappin' 4-Tay as he inspires us with a soulful retrospective track with Piano by DJ Pain 1. The hook by C. Ray may bring tears to your eyes.

Back in August of this year Guardian Digital Music announced an exciting way to support Hip Hop and jump into the cryptocurrency craze by streaming Mithril Order: The Mixtape, Vol. 1. Boasting contributions from Snoop Dogg, KXNG Crooked, Spice 1, Canibus, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Chino XL, and Ras Kass, the 24-track effort highlights the crypto movement with the help of several notable Hip Hop legends.

Mithril Ore token (or MORE token) can be held by artists and fans (via exchange), allowing both parties to support one another. When listeners stream the project through commercial streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, they will generate cryptocurrency via the advanced mining Mithril Ore token.