Reggae songstress Aleighcia Scott goes ska on her single 'In my Shoes' 

The third single from her album with Rory Stone Love, Windrush Baby - released September 1st 2023. Welsh-Jamaican singer Aleighcia Scott goes back to the roots of her music with new single In My Shoes. Produced by sound system legend Rory Stone Love, In My Shoes is a bouncy, horn-driven reflection on irresistible attraction – that recalls the ska-to-rocksteady transition of the early to mid-1960s.

It’s particularly fitting as the third single from Aleighcia and Rory’s exciting, imminent album Windrush Baby, because it pays tribute to the music that soundtracked Britain’s first Caribbean communities’ lives. "I absolutely loved working on this song” says Cardiff-born Aleighcia of the new single. “I love ska and it’s important to give honour to the elements that were instrumental to creating reggae. Performing this one live is electric!" “The album Windrush Baby reflects what my childhood was like growing up in south London” says Rory. “I was listening to music that sound systems would play at my mum’s parties and my sister’s. I have tried my best to recreate that period.”

Windrush Baby is a lovingly sculpted, deeply personal project that celebrates the JA-to-UK heritage of both Aleighcia and Rory, taking a musical journey from the blues dances and shubeens of Cardiff and London to the modern age. The album’s title and striking cover art reference the arrival of Caribbean culture in Britain, via the Empire Windrush ship, 75 years ago. Fans of Aleighcias’ live shows will be pleased to know that she has been awarded a PRS Power Up Grant to promote her album on the road. Expect to see her performing her new material very soon. In My Shoes is out now, accompanied by a Video Premiere.