Wuzy Bambussy present us with their single Matinee - "no drama & no tragedy."  

Wuzy Bambussy is the alter ego of songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Jones. Based in the beating heart of England's West Country, Jones and his ragtag host of accomplices fire up an eclectic, beatific soundtrack of jazzy vibes, encompassing funk, folk, indie rock & electronica. As of March 2023 Bambussy and Bristolian chanteuse Kat Harrison will release a single every month until the end of the year. A supreme collection of dreamy jazzy alt-pop, indie rock and percussive feel good grooves. All perfectly anchored by Harrisons' breathy mezzo-soprano and featuring a wealth of orchestral and brass instrumentation throughout. Their first single ‘2 Miles High’ made the BBC introducing mixtape in April 2023.

‘Matinee’ is the duo's July release. Endlessly Summer in feel from the '70s style soulful, funk tinged verse grooves to the soaring celebratory choruses, immediately transporting you into a moment where “no drama & no tragedy” is the lyrical mantra, and those 'blue notes cease to get played.