The Flavor That Kills - 'Not of this World' Out Now & Strictly for the bloodthirsty! 

Madison, WI band The Flavor That Kills (TFTK) will release their new album “Book of Secits” (purposely misspelled) in September 2023 on Shortwave Records. This will be the third release from the band and first with additional guitarist Educational Davis. The band has moved from a four piece with a Rhodes Piano to a standard 2 guitar/bass/drum lineup. The new single Not Of this World has just been released and gives people a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Engineered and Mixed by Beau Sorenson (Bob Mould, Superchunck, Death Cab for Cutie) and recorded at Madison’s own Coney Island Studios, the album captures the live bravado and energy of the band. The band itself has a difficult time categorizing the genre and music, but previous comparisons have been made to The Killers, The Black Keys, and Butthole Surfers. Genres such as Soul Punk, Psych Rock, and Classic Rock have been referenced for the band’s energetic sound.

TFTK claim they drank 3 liters of human blood while recording their recent album Book of Secits. The band - a longtime favorite of local degenerates - made the statement during a radio interview. “At first, it’s like, ‘There is no way this is happening’ ... but then it got real,” said Educational Davis. Apparently lead vocalist Ryan Corcoran was following an old ancient Egyptian ritual from the goddess Sekhmet after feeling a fierce rage from a fight he had with a chicken. “I was trying to get some eggs from Tabatha (my chicken) and she kept trying to scratch my eyes out, it was right before I had to get to the studio to start working on the vocal tracks. Once I got to the studio and started singing, I didn’t know what it was, but I felt something dripping down my face into my mouth. I thought it was sweat and just kept singing,” said Corcoran. Corcoran claims he started to feel a sense of calm and then realized it was blood from his eye. After some convincing, other members of the band (except the bass player) started to draw their own blood and give it a try - and it worked. So, they continued recording while sipping on some of their own blood. “Ryan wanted to drink each other’s blood, but fuck that!” said guitar player Educational Davis. In total, the band estimates they drained somewhere around a liter of blood from themselves to finish making the record.

Label: Shortwave Records
Single Release: “Not of This World” out now
FFC Radio info: Clean
Album Release date: “Book of Secits” September 2023
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