Checking in with LELAND DID IT at Hotel Moderno after a six year hiatus! 

"Progress and decadence, mental cages and animal instincts dwell in an undefined space, evoked by an old, yellowed postcard.
Everything is eaten up by a dysfunctional society, where one man's troubled mind travels through the rubble of a broken relationship".

Hotel Moderno is the long-awaited new album by LELAND DID IT, a cult band from southern Italy who are making an indelible mark on the independent music scene, with their established blend of alternative rock, post punk and electronica. 

An experience born in the early 2010s in the heart of Apulia, but which also led the band to perform outside their national borders, and immediately attracting the international spotlight. The band's sound has also evolved with the transition from a five-piece to a four-piece line-up. From the electronic sound of the early days, the band now embraces sounds that may wink at sacred monsters such as Interpol, Nine Inch Nails and LCD Soundsystem, but without affecting the underlying style and authenticity of the project.

An artistic growth, a natural evolution that is also the result of the collaboration with the legendary Amaury Cambuzat of Ulan Bator, who wanted to immortalise the band's current course and leave his mark by mastering the records 10 tracks at the Let Go Ego Sound studio in Naples.

Hotel Moderno, which marks LELAND DID IT's return to the scene after a six-year-long silence, was officially released on 24 February 2023 by the label/collective Dischi Uappissimi, which has made a name for itself in recent times for launching such interesting artists as LAZZARETTO, BOUVIER and Checco Curci.

Preceded by the singles Spoiled, 260, and How?, the Apulian band's new album is available for streaming and digital download on all platforms, with distribution by Artist First.

An album that is emotional, sincere, dark and raging to the right degree. What one senses when listening to it is the expressive urgency and the desire to come back and rock after a silence that was perhaps a little too long. A highly inspired work: in the writing, the sounds and the arrangements.

Let yourself be swept away by the cathartic sound of LELAND DID IT!