From the recording Call Me (feat. Mason Rice)

Music by The Guest Room
Written & Performed by Adisson Price, Mason Price, Ben Galam, Trevor Manning, Gino Merida, and Trevor Plume
© One Shoe Records Ltd
Ⓟ OSR Publishing

All Rights Reserved


Everything has changed up
I’m just stuck here dealing with the weight of it
I still feel the same though
I think that you and I could make up
Take a trip, have a day glow
We could make it work...

Long time no see
Been a minute since I’ve heard from you
Since I’ve heard from you
And I’m not trying to intervene
I just want to have a word with you
Have a word with you
I know it’s not the same
I’m aware of change
But everything you do is driving me insane now
I know I can’t erase such a pretty face
I’ve got time to make time, just call back

I want you calling for me...

My phone ringing but it’s never from you
You got me having thoughts on things I never would do
And I’m hoping you don’t think that I was better to lose
But when it came communication you was better with truth
I can’t keep up with the lies
I find it funny that I can’t fight my emotions
With you not in my life
But it’s ight
I’ll be okay for the night but when it comes to the morning
You on my mind
You just keep crashing in
Like a wave when you’re vibing
Even when I’m away
You thick just not the skin
If I’m making you cry then how are you my escape
Knees weak I’m giving in
Each week I live again, repeating it
Knees weak I’m giving in
Each week I live again, repeating it

Let’s spend a minute
Open up and let me in
It’s comfortable with you
I get it
Love is something that I’m feeling...

I want you calling for me...