Yoyo Nosa – SoulGood EP songs for a summer of love

Neo-Soul singer songwriter Yoyo Nosa elegantly captures the inexplicability of love, one uplifting note after another with her debut EP ’SoulGood’. Her full throated and mature vocal tone has that disco diva flavour that had everyone from Mariah Carey to Mary J Blige topping the charts.
In case you missed your chance at a seasonal fling these past few months, you have the possibility of summer loving to look forward to. The warm days and long nights ahead are made for falling in love. Yoyo has a song for your summer playlists with her debut EP SoulGood which we at One Shoe Records are proud to present. Described as “the background music for euphoria,” Nosa sings about feeling that glow of love on the upbeat retro-pop song.
“Often times people have trouble explaining what love is or how they feel when they are in love,” Yoyo tells us about the inspiration behind SoulGood… “When you’ve fallen in love, you can feel the joy in your soul. It’s the feeling that inspires you to keep on keeping on. SoulGood is just the verbiage behind the inexplicability of love. With lyrics like “You got me falling for you like a fool” and “I’m getting addicted, but I don’t want to fix it,” Nosa is most definitely caught up in the rapture. Produced by Sergio De Anda, the track has an ’80s pop feel and appeal to it that serves as the foundation for Yoyo’s soulful vocals to play. It’s flirty, fun and something to dance the night away to with your nearest and dearest. -SoulBounce

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