A chance meeting in a South East London pub circa 2004 led singer/songwriter Robert Paul and producer Sam Soper to form the roots rock band The Severed Limb. They recorded three albums together, including If You Ain’t Living Your A Dead Man - produced by Marco Nelson (Young Disciples, Paul Weller band) and released by Damaged Goods. Subsequently, The Wednesday Play evolved from a desire to create music differently - with synths built by Sam and various other pieces of handmade equipment, vintage drum machines, guitars, etc. and recording at home instead of in the studio, leaving Robert to focus on lyrics and vocals collaborating with Tina Swasey from the garage band Oh! Gunquit and James Vincent from My Tiger, My Timing - a bit like a pound shop Gorillaz. Influences include Tom Tom Club, Gang of Four, and the grungier side of Blur. Lyrically focusing on their experience of life as native Londoners. They’re always keen to collaborate with animators, artists, and vocalists to represent the breadth of modern life.