Protect Your Ears

Thanks to Wu-Tang Clan we should all know by now what it means to ‘Protect Your Neck’ but how about our ears? Do you wear ear protection when performing or attending gigs? Many famous musicians have hearing damage and therefore act as testimony that musicians and music lovers alike should protect their ears. Our ears are sensitive to noises over 80db, and if you regularly work in loud environments, it is highly likely that you will develop long term hearing problems if you’re not wearing proper ear protection. Musicians and spectators alike are usually advised to wear ear protection to safeguard against hearing loss and tinnitus, the most common form of hearing damage. Help Musicians UK, in partnership with Musicians Hearing Services and the Musicians’ Union, has created the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme for all musicians in the UK, giving them affordable access to specialist hearing assessments and bespoke hearing protection. To find out more about the scheme and join, visit hearformusicians.org.uk.