San Diego based singer Devorah continues to make her mark with yet another emotional and infectious masterpiece titled, Not the Same” - Trinity Cress

Tempo Stub

With such a powerful anthem that has been delivered so graciously and passionately, there can only be one way that this ends: with 'Not the Same' in your playlist.” - Devlin


Devorah's style of music combines the energy of pop with the nostalgia of R&B and the melodic edge of EDM, which has allowed her to set the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus.”

Certified Bop

There is just a uniqueness to her musicianship that allows her to connect with her audience because she puts her heart and soul into every song...”

Daily Music Spin

Jago Divance

Madam Mrs is a dynamic and powerful hip-hop track showcasing Jago’s unique style and creative approach to music.” - Sammy Kiss

Honk Magazine

The Wednesday Play

The Wednesday Play’s “Flickers” is a great debut because it tells you almost all that you want to know about the people who recorded the music.” - Eduard Banulescu