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Romy K – Rebel of Love | Love vibrations from the Ivory Coast
Yusan – ‘Chiraj’ | Taking Jazz from Caribbean music to African rhythms
Ribongia – ‘IO’ | Inspired innovation within Electronic music
Anis Benhallak – ‘Midnight in Barbes’ | The elegance of Jazz meets the energy of Rock’n’Roll
Sophya & The Sleeping Dinosaur – ‘Devils House’ | A cry for hope
Joss Bari – ‘New Life’ | A cross-over between Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B
‘Steppin Out’ with Stereonoon | Nu Jazz rendition of the well-known Joe Jackson song
Pre-Order ‘Skyline’ a Clams Casino style sound recording produced by NXRTHROAD – Vapor Trap on WAX!!
Myyora – ‘After Eight’ | A songstress of the soul
Nehmaât – خطر غصن القنا | Yemeni Folk & Reggae Fusion
Yoyo Nosa – SoulGood EP songs for a summer of love
J1S – Gipetto