Apollomakingbeats for Breakfast

Lo-fi was re-invented as a moody chill-out complement to modern vibe music, associated with a respite from busy city life, where last night’s party vibe’s echo is heard through cardboard walls of private spaces, waking up only slowly at first, and most probably late. It is when a hypnotic need for concentration meets the desire for one’s soul’s serenity. It reeks of nostalgia and its perceived imperfections amplify how it mirrors real life’s unpredictability.
ApolloMakingBeats is one of the founding members of Champions of Nature (UK), arguably one of the UK’s first hip-hop supergroups, formed at the dawn of the millennium, where he created alongside heavyweights like Jehst, Lewis Parker, Supa T, L. Dolo, and A.M… Apollo was the last to join. The group released The Fuck Off EP and Finalisation EP in 2000, along with other projects, and finished their run in 2004 with a self-titled album. His credits include 10,000 Man March, The Planets, Circle of Life, and a compilation EP Raw Materials.
Apollo’s recent take on lo-fi, Breakfast Beat, introduces suggestive visuals from The Breakfast Club, seamlessly cut up into gifts of dancing like nobody’s watching. This channels a morning hangover vibe, a champion’s breakfast, strengthened by a scratched sample drifting between dragging and the dragon, a breath of last night’s booze into the morning, as humans struggle to involuntarily get back into the mundane. This is enhanced by increasingly interactive and volatile dancing violating the somber visual settings, making for easily suggestive inspiration which stays in accord with hip-hop’s freedom. 

Picking out The Breakfast Club, a critically acclaimed movie from 1985, for the visuals enforces nostalgia’s aspects of the sound, where any person growing up in the 90s could instantly identify with the specific rundown but hopeful and free atmosphere of their childhood’s TV aesthetics from which role models were drawn. An abstractly spacious melody periodically works itself into prominence, lending the instrumental air to counterweight the prominent scratches and to incite the other part of such morning’s celestial thoughts, spaced and far-out. The visuals creep in further the idea of vibing to the beat in public on some silent disco moves.

Honza Luhan