Nikurama.Saaa – ‘Slow Days’

Did you know that Welwyn Garden City, UK was once well known as the home of the breakfast cereal Shredded Wheat? The town also boasts a Concert Club, which promotes chamber music recitals, and a Male Voice Choir that was founded in 1934, fast forward to 2019 and you’ll find that it’s also home to a 24-year-old aspiring musician who goes by the name of Nikurama.Saaa. Nik first got into playing the bass through his Dad who, although he doesn’t play himself, is a huge fan of bands such as Level 42, Jamiroquai and the classic sound of Mowtown. The guitar was something he picked up as a result and drums from a love of heavy metal music, bands like Lamb Of God, Slipknot and Pantera. “I count myself very lucky that I’ve been able to grow up surrounded by such a mad influx of different kinds of music. From a young age, it sparked my interest into what goes on in a band as opposed to just listening out for lyrics…” he says.

So where does the name Nikurama.Saaa come from I hear you ask? Well, it’s a simple combination of his name ‘Nick’ and the Kurama mountain in Japan, north-west of the city of Kyoto and birthplace of the holistic healing art Reiki. Which we think is quite fitting as his music truly captures the kind of energy needed to take your whole being into that meditative state of relaxation, check out the track ‘Slow Days‘ and you’ll soon know what we mean.  So much of what motivates Nik comes from seeing other artists giving it all they’ve got and made it happen. “There was a time when I thought of music as a hobby, I now see it as a feasible career path,” he says.

Nikurama.Saaa is currently working on the finishing touches of an instrumental EP. A mixed bag of funky LoFi material – making chill beats for chill people.