Ice Tha One – Chi Town

Ice Tha One, emcee, singer, and songwriter, might be based in Toronto, but her heart travelled to Illiois, where she found herself enamored with Chicago. Chi-Town displays her diverse vocal talent, blending decidedly urban hip-hop sound with moody vocals sung on beat as dirty and beautifully uplifting as life itself. It’s an outreach for beauty found in discomfort. It’s a conversation with deserted alleyways with open spaces in the back of one’s mind. Ice calls out her name, asserting herself, taking a stand amidst what nature managed to squeeze in between the skyscrapers.

Passing time is emphasised by the drum and the lyrics lift off from particularity of timelines and are delivered in a blend-style of singing which slips into full-blown hip-hop flows like it was nothing, just as a city would pulsate with the everchanging. In contrast to the vintage sounding music, these switch-ups provide the song with a fresh contemporary feel and give younger hip-hop heads a bridge to link up with the past. The horns feature suspense with mixed in uneasiness about the situation before bowing out in a minimalist fadeout, akin to a military funeral. These traits provide progression and a sense of helpless timelessness with which a city of fate influences and processes its particular blend of urban artist with an affinity for just such a type of city until they feel they breathe the unique air of that particular dwelling, recognizing parallels and connections.

No matter how heartbreaking wringing emotions onto a paper becomes while on a love-oddysey through slabs of concrete and glass, one, who invested their heart, will stay driven through the tough-love of opportunities-laden windy walkways and locked doors. In time, they would become one with the city, bards of forgotten street names whose emotional purity would be weighed down by complicacies of time passed and memories native to that spot. Only then, like former lovers meeting after long years, but probably never flameless, and speaking into the wind of closure, could there be a one-way debate reflected on a cleaned-up visage of chrome window panes on a long road for inner realization of following an outward urge, neighboring on rounding corners of life, the beat for blinkers, unsure if a road would lead out of town and perhaps back home.