Bronx Slang

Well, Well, Well, Bronx Slang, Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs launch into the sort of boom-bap that swings saloon doors open and gets everyone’s attention. If there was ever a time to revive your faith in what we call Hip Hop then with the release of their self-titled LP that time is definitely now!
A brief history: Beeks made a guest appearance on Miggs’ Shootyz Groove album – High Definition – before releasing his first solo record – The Crop Report – on the Wall Of Sound/Bad Magic label, produced by Fake Blood aka DJ Touché of The WiseGuys, ‘Ooh La La’ Fifth Colum infamy. Beeks would go on to work with DJ Ad on a second LP a few years later and now lays claim to fully paid-up membership to the Bronx Slang gang with Miggs.
“If hip-hop is dead, then it’s a brand new start” – welcome to a resurgence straight outta the Boogie Down.
Released on Fabyl strictly limited first pressing of Bronx Slang’s album on 12″ vinyl is available here – Cop that! ‘Run Away Sucker’