TenchoO Assassin

Very few rappers nowadays can lay claim to truly mastering the art of emceeing in all of it’s three significant facets, freestyle, battle rap and written those who immediately come to mind Lord Finesse, Big L, Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, and Canibus would surely have no problem with us adding TenchoO Assassin to this short list.

TenchoO discovered Hip Hop in the mid-nineties growing up in the city of London shaped his approach to being an emcee regarding the subject matter, flow, and character he portrays.
He started performing locally in 2003, frequenting open mics and battles on the way to developing a reputation as a straight up fire-spittin’ hip hop lyricist. He was a member of several crews for some years, eventually emerging as a solo artist in 2007.

In 2008 he released his first solo project ‘The Promo EP’ via free download; although it was well received locally, he felt that he needed to take drastic measures to promote himself as an emcee and gain full recognition. That opportunity arose when he re-visited the battle arena by entering the Don’t Flop battle league and quickly made a name for himself as a fearsome battle rapper, loved for his technical rhymes and humorous approach and to this day he remains undefeated in the league. TenchoO has a string of titles to his name, including Don’t Flop 2010 doubles tournament winner (along with partner Lego), Battle Scars 2010, End of the Weak UK 2011 and was the JumpOff 2012 champion.

In 2011 TenchoO released his first LP ‘Scary Movie’ to critical acclaim. With the entire album produced by in-house beatmaker Haji, a fusion of real-life experiences with complex rhymes and metaphors expressed through a variety of flows. Released on First Son records, the album had a good reception from the underground scene. As did his 2016 EP ‘Panic Room 9’ released on Starch Records in May of that year, Ill Move Sporadic aka production duo 1Boss & Ben81, creating the soundscape for TenchoO to bring the operation into ‘Panic Room 9’ to life and obliterating the mic booth. An incredible set of beats from IMS, with one of the best in the game. Our favorite, ‘Chess Pieces’ seems to provide the perfect backdrop for his latest single release ‘Game Face‘ taken from his eagerly anticipated 2nd studio produced LP ‘Live From The Crojo’.