Stefan Kristinkov

Stefan Kristinkov is an eclectic composer and clarinetist, he combines inventiveness with diverse often unexpected musical elements blurring their boundaries styles and genres. He has an extensive performing background however is primarily known for his work in the independent film sector despite being an accomplished musician, producer, and composer, Stefan retains a profound curiosity with music allowing him to consistently create new ideas.

Collecting recording and distributing rare varieties of ethnic instrumental libraries has been a passion of Stefan’s throughout his extensive musical career his compositional work has been greatly influenced by his knowledge of classical music, ethnomusicology, jazz, Eastern-European minimalism, and postmodernism. Stefan’s music is characterised by fluid architectural design, stylistically eclectic compositional techniques, and imaginative developmental strategies.

Stefan won Best Eclectic Song at the Independent Music Awards in 2018
(Vox Pop Winner) with ‘On a Raising Value of Ice’ from the soundtrack album ‘A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)‘ and one of his most recent awards Best Original Music Score at the 20th Annual Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival for his work on the short political thriller ‘Question 50’ as well as being a finalist at the Moondance International Film Festival for his work on SF Olympics, Through the Ice World and 1:31 AM.