Stash Sounds

For some, music is entertainment. For others, it is self-expression. This is definitely the way of the Stash Sounds Project, led by talented rapper D.R.E.W. (Dope Rhymes Echo Worldwide).

Ever since the early 80s, D.R.E.W. has been a huge fan of hip hop, its creative vision and untameable energy. It did not take long before he would fully immerse himself into the local hip hop culture and beyond. Eventually, he started out rapping the year the English Pound Note ceased to be legal tender, 1988, and debuted with a brand new track in 1990, produced by Mac McRaw and recorded at Monroe Studios in Islington, London.

D.R.E.W. later performed with rap group “35 Above”, garnering attention and respect throughout the UK’s underground hip hop movement performing some of the most notable venues in London and overseas including a stunning performance at the legendary Apollo Theatre in NYC.

Nowadays, D.R.E.W. is pursuing various music projects. The latest of which, a collaboration with famed battle rapper Tenchoo on a track named Street Compatible taken from the new Stash Sounds E.P. ‘Rhyme & Reason‘.