Influenced by the likes of Metro Boomin, Ronny J, Dr. Dre, Zaytoven, London on the Track, Blank Banshee, NxxxxxS, Vaperror, and Dj Mustard. Circa 2016, Brighton (UK) based artist NXRTH ROAD started making beats while working a 9 to 5 job at a web design agency. He has been perfecting his craft, style, brand, and sound to give his audience something decidedly experimental. Blending vapor trap with contemporary high energy hip-hop beats. NXRTH ROAD brings a fresh sound to the modern-day rap game in the form of instrumentals that cater to most US rappers wanting to show off their talents on UK style beat production.

In his own words, NXRTH ROAD say’s “I started making beats because I was obsessed with rap music and it was all I would listen to, realising the best songs were the ones with the best beats, so I decided to give it a try knowing I could do it as well or even better than my peers.”

Favourite quote: “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves” – Notorious BIG