Meet Jennifair, R&B singer, songwriter, lyricist, and musician who creates music that pushes boundaries and projects both confidence and vulnerability straight to your soul.

Hailing from the South Side of Chicago, her full name Jennifer “Jennifair” Fair, had long been inspired by her father’s singing in church and his eclectic taste in music, and finally decided to step into the spotlight herself. She ultimately fell in love with being on the stage. She performed at any chance available all the way through elementary and beyond high school, focusing on honing her sound and perfecting her performance. Taking major influence from a plethora of artists including the Beatles, Sade, Brandy and Missy Elliott, she worked on her pitch, runs, and overall technique as well as her writing.

Jennifair took a huge leap and moved to Brooklyn, New York City to further her career and have a fresh start in 2014. Fully equipped with her experiences from back home, she began composing, producing and writing her own music. In New York, she was also able to fully find her musical voice, cultivate her unique style and stage presence. Soon after, in July of 2018, Jennifair released her debut album as an indie artist, A Tale of 2 Cities : an album that had actually been in the making since she left Chicago. This introspective project, showcased her lyrically, vocally, and soulfully. She followed this album up with A Tale of 2 Cities: Live Session (EP) later on the same year adding on yet another layer of creativity to an already critically acclaimed piece of artwork.

March 2019, marked a life changing experience for this soulful songstress, was given the honour of performing her own original piece, Pick Up Lines , at the legendary Showtime at the Apollo’s infamous Amateur Night, grabbing the first place spot, further solidifying that she is on the right path. She was also blessed to perform for the legendary DMC of the legendary rap group RUN DMC in July 2019. Currently, Jennifair released her first self produced project Cabin Fever which gives you an inside look on the different moods she experienced during quarantine from the end of March through early May of 2020. Whether you watch her on your computer screen, listen to her through your headphones via your favourite streaming service, or have the pleasure of seeing her live and in action, Jennifair is on an upward trend with no plans of slowing down!

‘Cabin Fever’ the first self produced album by Jennifair available NOW on ALL streaming platforms!