Apart from life itself, J1S is inspired by the best of hustlers to have graced the microphone. Musically, he draws the most from Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Jadakiss, and other 90s heavyweights. Fueled by personal satisfaction from delivering a message unadulterated by the fake, as well as his competitive spirit, he strives to leave an inspirational legacy, to empower any who wish to step out from the helpless masses to be themselves, to give vibes on the road to any who ride towards what they need. He keeps his delivery and lyrics relaxed, avoiding being a bad influence. He rejoices in positive energy that music creates around him and which he is happy to see the fans enjoy. With the release of his debut album Gipetto, J1S works closely with producer Ajilla while linking up with Sonny Trill, O.J. and Cam Daniels who skillfully support and enrich the album with stand-out performances. Perfect in the whip or out in the park, Gipetto bumps your head with a pack full of laid back yet intense character riding on a wave of that morning piff, making for a very smooth ride.