Ice Tha One

Toronto-based singer/emcee/songwriter ‘Ice Tha One’ goes all in. With roots based in hip-hop, r&b and soul, Ice delivers raw lyricism with a smooth melody. She’s all sass, nerve and blends an old school vibe with a modern flex.
Ice’s debut album ‘Overdue’ released in 2004, sparked the beginning of her journey as an artist. She then teamed up with DJ xXx Rated, and honed her position as community worker, youth mentor and award-winning activist to create the backbone of her bold music.
Her 2017 EP ‘In the Paint’ is an innovative collaboration with renowned producers Junia-T & Fresh Kils. Both long time friends of Ice’s so naturally she was elated to finally work on a project alongside her brothers. For Ice, music has always been an important outlet for self-expression, a means to process life’s emotions while enduring all the challenges long our journeys.
Ice has always represented the east side of her city to the fullest which is why her alias till this day is still the EST-SDE GNRL, (pronounced, east-side general). In recent years, Ice has branched out across continents in broadening her sound while reaching audiences across the UK, Australia, Europe and The United States. Her latest record is a dynamic testament to resilience. With powerful and provocative tracks like ”How Can I Tell You” and “Proposition,” Ice reveals her dynamic nature and in turn inspires listeners to push boundaries, explore and be true to themselves.
Fuelled with a passion to reach others through her voice, Ice’s love for music drove her to carve out a tone and style all her own. “For me, it’s really about having fun with it, creating without holding back and just leaving it all out on the floor,” says Ice. “I’m always balancing different sides of my personality through music. It’s an opportunity to just let go and be yourself.” Ice Tha One is currently working on her next studio album.